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webpack with babel6 and react

In this post we will walk through the basic setup to make babel6 work with webpack. Assuming you have installed webpack. On a high level, Babel has the following architecture. Click on the image...


exports is not defined

This is very common error when your project has ES6 modules as well as require.js module systems. Here, I will show you few examples on how to require ES6 modules inside an AMD module....


Use node in es6 syntax with babel transpiling

Install the following packages : npm i –save babel-register npm i –save babel-preset-latest Create an entry point. For example, index.js It transpiles your app at runtime by hooking into all require calls, and lets...


Generators and Yield in es6

This article is the fifth installment of our ES6 tutorial series. In this article, we will continue where we left off from our previous article on generators. Part 1: Getting started with ES6 modules...


Getting started with es6 generator functions

This article is the fourth installment of our Learning ES6 series. In this article, we will introduce you to generators in ES6 using a number of examples. Part 1: Getting started with ES6 modules...


Using es6 modules with simple examples

Modules have been around in javascript for a while now. The two competing standards for module declaration have been the AMD and Commonjs specification. With the new ES6 specs, module definition and consumption is...

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