Category: Troubleshooting


Making max width work in internet explorer

If you have ever had to pull your hair out over why the max-width property is not having any effect on your markup in internet explorer, the solution is quite simple, yet baffling. It...


css: margin does not work

Once in a while when two elements with the following criteria has only content (no padding and no border) has vertical margins applied to it When they touch each other the margin collapse to...


Failed to lookup view index.js in directory – krakenjs

Framekwork: Krakenjs Error: Failed to lookup view “index.js” in directory Scenario You created your application using the yeoman generator for krakenjs. But when you run start your server with NODE_ENV=production you see the above...


Error: can not find module ‘underscore’

Issue If your project dependency has changed on remote and they are not updated on your local machine, then when you try to pull the changes from the remote and try running the server...

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