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webpack with babel6 and react

In this post we will walk through the basic setup to make babel6 work with webpack. Assuming you have installed webpack. On a high level, Babel has the following architecture. Click on the image...


combineReducers in reduxjs explained

In applications where you use redux for your data management, you often combine mutiple reducers into a root reducer. Then root reducer is used to create the store. Redux ships with a utility function...


Pure vs Impure functions

Characterestics of Pure Functions The return value of the pure functions solely depends on its arguments Hence, if you call the pure functions with the same set of arguments, you will always get the...


Require the css file of a package using webpack

Recently I found myself wanting to use the react-select package and realized that I need to include the css that was present in its dist folder. My application is setup to use webpack along...


Using context and childContext in React

When working with React in a deeply nested hierarchy, often times you will find yourself in a situation where you need to pass down props from the parent as is to the children and...

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