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gzip compress and cache api response in express

Browsers are really good at understanding gzipped responses and this creates an opportunity for you to decrease the initial page load time and improve your website’s performance by gzipping all of your API responses....


What does npm start do in nodejs

When you issue the command npm start from the root directory of your nodejs project, node will look for a scripts object in your package.json file. If found, it will look for a script...


What is an npmignore file and what is it used for

You’re probably aware of the .gitignore file. But what about the less commonly talked about .npmignore? Turns out there is a small but noteworthy difference between the gitignore and npmignore files.


Scaling a basic nodejs application using clusters

Nodejs derives its power from the asynchronous nature of javascript. However, the language also has one major caveat – its single threaded nature. This directly impacts the scalability in nodejs applications because if some...


What is npm shrinkwrap and when is it needed

The npm shrinkwrap command lets you lock down the version numbers all the packages and their descendant packages in your node_modules directory. Lets examine why and when you should be using this command in...