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Create Reducer for Redux Applications

In redux you will have to generate reducers to update the state. You will have to call relevant reducer based on the action type. For example, function setSurveySuccess(state, action) { … return newState; }...


imperative vs declarative/functional programming

Imperative Programming : It specifies a series of instructions that the computer executes in sequence. For example, the following function uses imperative approach for finding the square of each element in the given array....


Using React with Backbone Models

React allows you to render views in a very high performance way. The best thing about react is that it also plays fair with other frameworks like backbone for implementing the other layers. For...


Reactjs flux architecture – Visualized

The react flux architecture example in the TodoMVC repository has quite a bit of code but it takes a long time to understand the relationship between the different parts of the the Flux architecture...

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