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Tagged: testing


Run a single test in jasmine

From Jas­mine 2.x onwards, you can run only a sin­gle describe or it block by using fde­scribe and fit instead of describe and it. This is great when you are build­ing new fea­tures and…


Chromium flag to by pass popup to grant desktop sharing in WebRTC app

The auto-select-desktop-capture-source flag makes Chrome auto-select the pro­vided choice when an exten­sion asks per­mis­sion to start desk­top cap­ture. For instance, fol­low­ing option will auto­mat­i­cally select the entire screen in Eng­lish locales. chromeOp­tions: [auto-select-desktop-capture-source=“Entire screen”]…


How to set the timeout of a test in mocha

Mocha uses a default time­out of 2000 ms. How­ever, if for some rea­son that does not work for your use case, you can increase the time­out for a par­tic­u­lar test. You can do so…