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Category: Tools


Use es6 and es6+ in eslint with babel

It seems like Eslint does not sup­port ES6/ES6+ exper­i­men­tal fea­tures out of the box at the time of writ­ing. To do that you need to install a dev depen­dency called babel-eslint and then specify…


webpack with babel6 and react

In this post we will walk through the basic setup to make babel6 work with web­pack. Assum­ing you have installed web­pack. On a high level, Babel has the fol­low­ing archi­tec­ture. Click on the image…


Use node in es6 syntax with babel transpiling

Install the fol­low­ing pack­ages : npm i –save babel-register npm i –save babel-preset-latest Cre­ate an entry point. For exam­ple, index.js It tran­spiles your app at run­time by hook­ing into all require calls, and lets…


Sublime Text plugins to boost your productivity

The tools that you use to cre­ate prod­ucts have a large impact on your pro­duc­tiv­ity and there­fore you hap­pi­ness. I have been using sub­lime text for quite some time now and I am thoroughly…


Configure reactjs with webpack and grunt

So, you wanna bun­dle your react com­po­nents using web­pack? How about a grunt task that con­tin­u­ously watches the changes that you make to your jsx files and auto­mat­i­cally com­piles them before web­pack bun­dles them…