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Category: Reduxjs


Create Reducer for Redux Applications

In redux you will have to gen­er­ate reduc­ers to update the state. You will have to call rel­e­vant reducer based on the action type. For exam­ple, func­tion setSurveySuccess(state, action) { … return newState; }…


Redux: Implementing store from scratch

In redux, store is a very cen­tral piece which brings actions, reduc­ers and states together. It has the fol­low­ing main func­tions and API : Holds appli­ca­tion state; Allows access to state via get­State(); Allows state to…


combineReducers in reduxjs explained

In appli­ca­tions where you use redux for your data man­age­ment, you often com­bine muti­ple reduc­ers into a root reducer. Then root reducer is used to cre­ate the store. Redux ships with a util­ity function…