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Category: Reactjs


webpack with babel6 and react

In this post we will walk through the basic setup to make babel6 work with web­pack. Assum­ing you have installed web­pack. On a high level, Babel has the fol­low­ing archi­tec­ture. Click on the image…


combineReducers in reduxjs explained

In appli­ca­tions where you use redux for your data man­age­ment, you often com­bine muti­ple reduc­ers into a root reducer. Then root reducer is used to cre­ate the store. Redux ships with a util­ity function…


Pure vs Impure functions

Char­ac­ter­estics of Pure Func­tions The return value of the pure func­tions solely depends on its argu­ments Hence, if you call the pure func­tions with the same set of argu­ments, you will always get the…


Using context and childContext in React

When work­ing with React in a deeply nested hier­ar­chy, often times you will find your­self in a sit­u­a­tion where you need to pass down props from the par­ent as is to the chil­dren and…