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Category: Nodejs


What does npm start do in nodejs

When you issue the com­mand npm start from the root direc­tory of your nodejs project, node will look for a scripts object in your package.json file. If found, it will look for a script…


What is an npmignore file and what is it used for

You’re prob­a­bly aware of the .git­ig­nore file. But what about the less com­monly talked about .npmignore? Turns out there is a small but note­wor­thy dif­fer­ence between the git­ig­nore and npmignore files.


Scaling a basic nodejs application using clusters

Nodejs derives its power from the asyn­chro­nous nature of javascript. How­ever, the lan­guage also has one major caveat — its sin­gle threaded nature. This directly impacts the scal­a­bil­ity in nodejs appli­ca­tions because if some…


What is npm shrinkwrap and when is it needed

The npm shrinkwrap com­mand lets you lock down the ver­sion num­bers all the pack­ages and their descen­dant pack­ages in your node_modules direc­tory. Lets exam­ine why and when you should be using this com­mand in…