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Category: Fundamentals


css specificity interview question

Speci­ficity allows browsers to decide which CSS prop­erty val­ues are the most rel­e­vant to an ele­ment and, there­fore, will be applied. Speci­ficity only applies when the same ele­ment is tar­geted by mul­ti­ple dec­la­ra­tions. Inline…


imperative vs declarative/functional programming

Imper­a­tive Pro­gram­ming : It spec­i­fies a series of instruc­tions that the com­puter exe­cutes in sequence. For exam­ple, the fol­low­ing func­tion uses imper­a­tive approach for find­ing the square of each ele­ment in the given array. Declarative…


Default function parameters

The default func­tion para­me­ters in ES6, gives us the abil­ity to ini­tial­ize the func­tion argu­ments with default val­ues in case if they are unde­fined. For exam­ple, func­tion mult(a, b) { b = typeof b…


Pure vs Impure functions

Char­ac­ter­estics of Pure Func­tions The return value of the pure func­tions solely depends on its argu­ments Hence, if you call the pure func­tions with the same set of argu­ments, you will always get the…


css : center element vertically and horizontally

CSS trans­form allows us to mod­ify the coor­di­nate space of any ele­ment. trans­form can have one of the fol­low­ing func­tions as its value : rotate skew scale matrix trans­late per­spec­tive Using the trans­late func­tion we…