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Category: CSS


css specificity interview question

Speci­ficity allows browsers to decide which CSS prop­erty val­ues are the most rel­e­vant to an ele­ment and, there­fore, will be applied. Speci­ficity only applies when the same ele­ment is tar­geted by mul­ti­ple dec­la­ra­tions. Inline…


css : center element vertically and horizontally

CSS trans­form allows us to mod­ify the coor­di­nate space of any ele­ment. trans­form can have one of the fol­low­ing func­tions as its value : rotate skew scale matrix trans­late per­spec­tive Using the trans­late func­tion we…


css — circular profile pictures

Nowa­days, cir­cu­lar pro­file pic­tures are very pop­u­lar. It’s really sim­ple to cre­ate the cir­cu­lar pro­file pic­ture from a given square image using border-radius. Fol­low­ing exam­ple, ren­ders an orig­i­nal square image as well as the…


css — vertically align text

Let’s see the exam­ple on hor­i­zon­tally align­ing the text using text-align: cen­ter as shown in the below pen. To ver­ti­cally align the text for a sin­gle line of text we can use the fol­low­ing technique.…


pseudo elements vs pseudo classes

pseudo ele­ments They allow you to style cer­tain parts of a doc­u­ment. For exam­ple, you can style the first let­ter of each para­graph. MDN list of pseudo ele­ments The fol­low­ing video demon­strates the pseudo…