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Array filterUntil function implementation for javascript

This is not natively avail­able in javasc­script, so I just made a tiny util­ity func­tion. It returns an array of 1 item so you can use it con­sis­tently with frame­works like Rx etc which pre­fer to work with Arrays.

This effec­tively also gives you an idea of how to break from a loop, espe­cially an alter­na­tive to using a forEach.

function filterUntil(arr, condition) {
    for (var item of arr) {
        if (condition(item)) {
            return [item];

    return [];

Why is this useful?

The advan­tage of using this over the prim­i­tive fil­ter is that if you only care about the first matched value, you save com­pu­ta­tion time by not iter­at­ing through the entire array.

Exam­ple usage

filterUntil([1,2,3,4], function(item) { console.log('here'); return item === 3})

Ryan Sukale

Ryan is just a regular guy next door trying to manage his life and finances.