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Generating container components with connect utility in react redux app

Pre­sen­ta­tional com­po­nent spec­i­fies look of the com­po­nent where as Con­tainer com­po­nent spec­i­fies how the behav­ior of it. I would rec­om­mend read­ing Pre­sen­ta­tion vs con­tainer com­po­nents.

In well archi­tected react-redux app, Con­tainer com­po­nents have two major responsibilities:

  1. Re-render the pre­sen­ta­tional com­po­nent when store updates
  2. Define the behav­ior of pre­sen­ta­tional com­po­nents by pass­ing the nec­es­sary data and dis­patch call­backs to update the store

Gen­er­at­ing con­tain­ers com­po­nent with­out con­nect from react-redux

Gen­er­at­ing con­tain­ers com­po­nent with con­nect from react-redux

  • In this approach, the con­tainer com­po­nents do not need to access the redux store via con­text. Hence, they do not need to spec­ify the con­text­Type explicitly.

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