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How to set the timeout of a test in mocha

Mocha uses a default time­out of 2000 ms. How­ever, if for some rea­son that does not work for your use case, you can increase the time­out for a par­tic­u­lar test. You can do so by using this.timeout(timeout);

Adding a time­out to the describe applies it to all the nested describe/it blocks unless overriddden.

NOTE: If you are using ES6 fat arrow func­tions as your describe func­tion, you can­not access the this and hence can­not use this.timeout. You will need to change your describe blocks to use reg­u­lar es5 func­tions instead.


describe(() => { // Using fat arrows as the describe function
    this.timeout(5000); // This will not work

describe(function () { // Using es5 function definition
    this.timeout(5000); // This works

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