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Why use javascript strict mode

If you ever won­dered why it helps to have ‘use-strict’ at the top of your javascript files, I hope this post will give you enough rea­son to keep using it in your future code.

NOTE: Browser sup­port for strict mode can be checked here.

Strict mode does two main things.

  • It elim­i­nates some silent javascript errors by throw­ing errors instead.
  • It pro­hibits syn­tax likely to be defined in the future ver­sions of Ecmascript.

There are also two impor­tant things to keep in mind about strict mode.
– It can be applied either to entire scripts or indi­v­d­ual func­tions.
– It must appear before all other state­ments inside the func­tion or the file.


The fol­low­ing three exam­ples demon­strate how you can use strict mode in your code.


'use strict';



// Its OK to have a comment here
'use strict';



function one() {....}

function two() {
    'use strict';

NOTE: Con­cate­nat­ing strict and non-strict scripts is prob­lem­atic because the order in which they are included will determione if the con­cate­nated script is in strict mode or not. If you’re using require for ALL of your javascript code and only bun­dle your javascript in that man­ner, you’re fine because the strict mode will be restricted to the con­tents of each file being required.

Some of the things that strict mode does to help you avoid silly mis­takes are
– Throws an error if you acci­den­tally cre­ate a global vari­able.
– Throws an error if you make incor­rect assign­ments. E.g if you try to reas­sign a non-writable prop­erty defined using Object.defineProperty, or a get­ter only prop­erty or a fixed prop­erty
– Throws an error if you are delet­ing an undeletable prop­erty like Object.prototype
– Throws an error if func­tion para­me­ter names are not unique.
– Throws an error if you have octal syn­tax.
– Pro­hibits using the ‘with’ keyword.

For a more detailed list, check out MDN docs.


Ryan Sukale

Ryan is just a regular guy next door trying to manage his life and finances.