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JavaScript Objects and Arrays Useful Methods

JavaScript Objects and Arrays have many use­ful meth­ods that can help you write clean and main­tain­able code. In this post we will talk about fol­low­ing methods:

  • Object.keys()
  • Array.prototype.forEach()
  • & Array.prototype.reduce()
  • Array.prototype.push() & Array.prototype.shift()

We will first see a few quick exam­ples of each of the above meth­ods and even­tu­ally we will solve a real world interview-style prob­lem using these methods.


It returns an array of enu­mer­able prop­er­ties of an object. The advan­tage of using Object.keys() over for ... in is that, it does not look up in the pro­to­typ­i­cal inher­i­tance chain of the given object.

Syn­tax : Object.keys(obj)
Input : valid JavaScript Object (either array or JSON)
Out­put : an array


This meth­ods calls the call­back for each valid ele­ment in the array. The call­back has the access to the index vari­able which can be used to access the index of the ele­ment in the array.

Syn­tax : arr.forEach(callback)

It calls the call­back on each valid ele­ment of an array and returns a new result­ing array.

Syn­tax :
Out­put : array


It calls the call­back on each valid ele­ment of an array and returns a sin­gle result­ing value.

Syn­tax : arr.reduce(callback)
Out­put : sin­gle value


It returns the length of the new array and it adds the ele­ment at the end of the array.

Syn­tax : arr.push(e1 ‚…, eN)
Out­put : array


It returns the first removed ele­ment from an array and it removes the first ele­ment from the orig­i­nal array.

Syn­tax : arr.shift()
Out­put : first removed ele­ment from an array

The exam­ple shown below uses all the meth­ods we just talked about and solves a real world prob­lem using these methods.

PS: I like vis­it­ing my old code and refac­tor­ing it with some of the new meth­ods intro­duced in the lan­guage. And then includ­ing those lan­guage fea­tures in day to day pro­gram­ming. This exam­ple is one demon­stra­tion of it.