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Getting started with localStorage vs sessionStorage in html5

Before HTML5 appli­ca­tion data for a user has to be stored on a server. It had to be trans­ferred using cook­ies. This mech­a­nism affects the appli­ca­tion per­for­mance and secu­rity as well.

The HTML5 Stor­age API solves this secu­rity and per­for­mance related prob­lems of web appli­ca­tions by

  • Allow­ing the appli­ca­tion to store the data locally on a user’s machine so an appli­ca­tion does not have to trans­fer sen­si­tive data over the network
  • Allow­ing quick access to locally stored data which improves the application’s performance

The HTML5 web stor­age api comes with the fol­low­ing two stor­age options:


Per­sists a stor­age area for the dura­tion of the page ses­sion.
Use it when you need to store some data tem­porar­ily. A page ses­sion imple­men­ta­tion might be dif­fer­ent based on browser ven­dor and its version.

Ses­sion­Stor­age data is available

  • As long as the browser is open, includ­ing page reloads and restores
  • It gets deleted the time when the tab/window who cre­ated the ses­sion is closed


Per­sists the data until the user explic­itly deletes the data.
Use it when you need to store some data for the long term.

Local­Stor­age data is available

  • Even after the browser is closed and reopened

The fol­low­ing exam­ple shows the native get­ter and set­ter meth­ods for local­Stor­age. Sim­i­lar meth­ods do exist for ses­sion­Stor­age as well.

Chrome dev tools

Both of this stor­age can be found under the Resources in chrome dev tools.


Scope of local­Stor­age and sessionStorage

  • Scoped to doc­u­ment origin
  • Scoped by browser ven­dors, e.g. Chrome can not access the local­Stor­age or ses­sion­Stor­age of Inter­net Explorer.

Exam­ple 1:

The fol­low­ing video illus­trates the life­time dif­fer­ences of these stor­age APIs on a site!

Exam­ple 2:

The local­Stor­age exam­ple in the link below shows that your choice of font type, back­ground color and image will be remem­bered even after you close and reopen the tab.

local­Stor­age Demo

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