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Sublime Text plugins to boost your productivity

The tools that you use to cre­ate prod­ucts have a large impact on your pro­duc­tiv­ity and there­fore you hap­pi­ness. I have been using sub­lime text for quite some time now and I am thor­oughly impressed by the way its var­i­ous plu­g­ins have helped me become more pro­duc­tive over time.

You will prob­a­bly want to install sev­eral pack­ages in sub­lime text to increase your pro­duc­tiv­ity.
But before that you first need to install the pack­age man­ager itself if you haven’t already done that from the instuc­tions avail­able here.

The next thing that you gotta know is how to use the pack­age man­ager. You open it from the com­mand palette by press­ing Ctrl+Shift+P. More instruc­tions can be found here.


In the para­graphs that fol­low, I am going to briefly describe some of the plu­g­ins and options that I use and maybe you will dis­cover some gems in it.


Emmet, ear­lier knows as zen cod­ing is one the most awe­some plu­g­ins out there for html author­ing. You can build entire nested html struc­tures by just typ­ing a sin­gle line. Check­out the emmet web­site.


Have too much screen space? Are the default ver­ti­cal and hor­i­zon­tal lay­outs in sub­lime text not to your lik­ing? Would you rather pre­fer a mixed lay­out? Just install Origami, and with just a few key­board short­cuts, you can cre­ate ANY kind of lay­out in a snap. Here are some key­board short­cuts.
Hot com­mands: First press Super + K then press any of the fol­low­ing key combinations

  • Super + ArrowKeys: To cre­ate a pane in the direc­tion of the arrow.
  • Super + Shift + Arrow keys: To delete a pane that is in the direc­tion of the arrow.
  • Super + Z : Zoom in the cur­rent pane to 90% screen size
  • Super + Shift + Z: Zoom out any zoomed in pane.
    Check­out the github repo for full details.


Edit your mark­down from within sub­lime text with all the fancy bracket match­ing etc etc.


Once you are done edit­ing, you might want to pre­view this in the browser before you actu­ally post it. Or you can export the pre­view html to the clip­board too. Thats how I for­mat most of my arti­cles here.


Make it super easy to upload your files to a file server while you’re ediring. Once installed, setup the ftp path from the side­bar con­text menu. You can also con­fig­ure files and direc­to­ries (e.g. node_modules, build direc­to­ries) that need to be ignored.

jshint gut­ter

If you any sort of front-end dev, know­ing that you have issed in your javascript code can help you iden­tify and fix silly errors at blaz­ing speeds. Install this pack­age, then con­fig­ure it to lint every 20 seconds.


If you find your­self using the col­or­picker tool from the dev tools to set your CSS col­ors, know that there is a slightly bet­ter way to do that by installing this plug­ing. Once installed, sim­ply press Ctrl+Shift+C and a modal color picker dia­log will appear on your screen to visu­ally select col­ors. Check­out the docs for screenshots.

Gut­ter color

Want to a tiny lit­tle pre­view of the color that you spec­i­fied in the CSS in the left gut­ter? Check it out here.


This plu­gin will help you write your func­tion doc­u­men­ta­tion by smartly insert­ing a tem­plate into which you can add infor­ma­tion. Check out the github repos­i­tory for all the awe­some things it can do.


SCSS helps you write your CSS faster. How about some cool auto-completion shorc­tuts for all of your css prop­er­ties? This plu­gin is based upon some of the ideas in the orig­i­nal text­mate plu­gin. Pro­Tip: Once you are done typ­ing your short­cut, sim­ply press Ctrl+Enter to go to the next line with­out hav­ing to go past the semi-colon.

Side­bar Enhancements

The default sub­lime side­bar has just too few options. If you need more, just install this one.


If you are a com­plete newb, here are some tuto­ri­als to help you get started with it.

Some Tips

1. Col­umn selec­tion for sub­lime text.

Win/Mac: Mid­dle click and drag.

2. Chang­ing the num­ber of spaces that the tab key indents.

Add these val­ues to the user pref­er­ences
“tab_size”: 2,
“translate_tabs_to_spaces”: false

3. To wrap a tag around some text, select the text and then press Alt+Shift+W on Win­dows, and Ctrl+W on a mac.

4. Paste with indent: Ctrl+Shift+V

5. Goto a par­tic­u­lar class or a func­tion: (Ctrl+R) or (Ctrl+P and then type @)

6 Goto occur­rences of words (Ctrl+P and then type #)

Ryan Sukale

Ryan is just a regular guy next door trying to manage his life and finances.