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Configure The ‘script’ tag In package.json To Run Multiple Commands

You are prob­a­bly used to using the scripts defined in your scripts tag to start your nodejs server if you’re using node­mon. Turns out that the script tag can be a tad more use­ful than just that. For exam­ple, you can run mul­ti­ple com­mands in a from a sin­gle script. e.g.

Lets say we have a cou­ple of grunt tasks

  • jsBuild: Con­cate­nates and mini­fies our js files.
  • css­Build: Con­cate­nates and mini­fies our css files.
  • watch: Keeps an eye when any changes are made to our .js files and .css files and trig­gers a jsBuild and cssBuild.

To run tasks in par­al­lel, sim­ply seper­ate them with an &

To run tasks sequen­tially sim­ply seper­ate them with an &&

scripts: {
   buildAll: 'grunt jsBuild & grunt cssBuild'

Now you have the fol­low­ing com­mands at your dis­posal in the shell from your project’s root Directory

npm run buildAll
npm run dev

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