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Accessing the request body and session in nodejs using express

This is one of the issues that I ran into dur­ing my early days with nodejs. When you cre­ate a route han­dling func­tion in nodejs, you would expect that if it a POST request, you would be able to access the body from req.body. How­ever, it does not seem to be that straight­for­ward. If you are a do-it-yourself per­son instead of using any boot­strap­ping com­mands from express, you might find your­self very frus­trated until you find a solution.

We built a sim­ple starter kit for our­selves will every­thing pre­con­fig­ured so that you can quickly launch exper­i­men­tal projects in a snap. If you have any doubts when read­ing this post, refer back to it, clone it and run it on your own machine to check it out.

Access­ing the request body

Using express 4.0, in order to access the body of a post request, you need to have a min­i­mal setup for your mid­dle­ware. Note that there is no cer­tain­ity if this will be rel­e­vant for all future ver­sions of express but you can at least get the ball rolling for express 4.0.

Include the body-parser mid­dle­ware node mod­ule in your package.json

npm install body-parser --save

Now add the fol­low­ing lines in your app.js file some­where in between the other mid­dle­ware, prefer­ably at the top, just after you declare your app.

    extended: true

Access­ing the ses­sion

While at it, you prob­a­bly also want to make sure that you can access the ses­sion. Even that does not come built in. You gotta include mid­dle­ware mod­ules for it the same way do you do it for access­ing the request body.

npm install express-session --save

Then add the fol­low­ing lines to your mid­dle­ware in app.js

    secret: config.SESSION_SECRET , 
    saveUninitialized: true,
    resave: true 

Now you can access the body and the ses­sion using req.body and req.session (assum­ing that req is the name of your request paramter)

The app.js file in the starter kit has it all if you are still con­fused about where to add these lines.

Keep an eye on the offi­cial doc­u­men­ta­tion for express.session and express.bodyparser for any changes.

Ryan Sukale

Ryan is a UX engineer living in San Francisco, California.